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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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good evening, everyone. a san jose police officer who staged a fake arrest is in very real trouble tonight. >> yeah, he is did it apparently to put a little parental fear into his stepdaughter's boyfriend. alan wang is live with the story tonight. alan, talk about backfire. >> dan and carolyn, it is causing embarassment on both sides. for police, it is an internal affair that is now in the public eye. and it questions the parenting skills applied when two mine minors are caught having sex. it started when a san jose motorcycle cop who is the step-father of a 14-year-old girl decided to scare the girl's 15-year-old boyfriend
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to keep him from having sex with her. according to the boy's parents, the officer pulled up in full uniform, told the boy he was going to arrest him for sexual assault and threw the cuffs on him. he later took the cuffs off and left with a warning, but the boy's parents complained saying the officer abused his power. abc7 legal analyst said he had grounds to arrest the boy for statutory rape, but it is a very gray area. >> if it is not technically a crime say assault under color of authority, at the very least it was an unwise move. anytime a police officer is personally involved in the case where there is a relative or a close friend is a complaining witness or a party to the case in anyway, the best practice would be for the police officer to refer it to another investigator.
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>> after the parents complained police ared the boy for real this time and charmged him with having unlawful sex with a minor. the officer's stepdaughter was also cited for having sex with a minor. tonight the officer's lawyer says the officer was essentially invited to use scare straight tactics and no objections to the lecture and the handcuffing. all was done in the effort to reach out to a young man. the names are being withheld to protect the names of the minors and prosecutors are looking at charging the officer with false imprisonment. this is a very rare case, and will be interesting to see just how the d.a. handles this. reporting live in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thanks, alan. well, executions in california could begin again as early as next week for prisoners on san quentin's death row. a federal judge is considering lifting his ban on executions in the state.
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he heard arguments from both sides today, but some are questioning the timing of all this. lisa amin is live in burlingame with reaction from meg whitman. >> meg whitman talked about jobs, education and her apponent. she's accusing jerry brown of using the death penalty as a political pawn. the fate of death row inmate will be decided on the fifth floor of the federal courthouse in san jose. that's where attorneys for the state and condemed inmates michael pour rail less and albert brown are pleading their cases. the attorney general's office wants executions to resume on the 29th with the death of convicted murderer and rapist albert brown. >> to go ahead and push these execution dates i think is unfair not just to the condemned inmates, but to those people who really want to know what is happening with the processor. >> the state claims the process has changed. judge as jeremy foggle claimed
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when he halted executions in 2006. now the execution rooms are bigger and the staff is better trained, but df attorneys don't buy it. >> they seem to have the same procedure with the same people doing it. and we already have been down this road. we have already seen what that means. and that's why mr. brown deserves a stay. >> attorney general and gubernatorial candidate jerry brown is also pushing for capital punishment to be reinstated even though he opposed it in the 70s. today brown said this wasn't about personal views. in a statement, the brown campaign said as governor he pledged to uphold the law. as attorney general he pledged to uphold the law and he will continue to do so when he is governor next year. >> candidates have been bought. >> at a fundraiser meg whitman would not comment on the death penalty, but did released this
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statement about jerry brown's stance on the issue. quote, even on matters of life and death, jerry brown is willing to play politics. none of the squares have jerry brown's record and many have supporters scratching their heads. the federal judge in charge of this case is trying to keep things focused. he wants the state to let him know by tomorrow if the drugs used in the execution can go down from the current three to one. he is expected to make a final ruling on friday. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thanks. meg whitman learned she will not get the endorsement of e bay's founder. in an interview being broadcast tomorrow on bloomberg tv, she praised his business sense when she was ceo, but he says he will not vote for her based on whitman's support of the same-sex marriage ban and her stance on immigration issues. and first lady michelle obama, whom the white house
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calls the closer, is coming to california to campaign for barbara boxer and house speaker nancy pelosi. a video of gavin newsom criticizing the federal stimulus program is a big hit on the internet and the white house is watching. >> that is notingmething i am proud to say as a democrat, not something i want to say. but it is true. >> he made the critical comments about the federal stimulus program at the editorial board meeting last week. >> it is not wrong to criticize parts of the stimulus as disproportionately saving jobs in the public sector and not stimulating the private sector economic growth. >> the white house press secretary was asked about newsom's re, mas today. >> this was the mayor of the blues to blues city. do you consider that disloyal? >> i don't know. the first i heard about it was when you told me. i i don't take it personally.
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>> the mayor's office says newsom's comments should not be taken as criticism. rather, it is meant to highlight how the city used its federal dollars. the san francisco board of supervisors today tentatively approved banning all stores with pharmacies from selling cigarettes. the law would close the loophole that banned tobacco products from drugstores. the mayor is expected to sign it next week. the mayor kept his promise to veto a measure that would have levied a fee on beer, wine and liquor. the fee would have been imposed on wholesalers and passed on by retailers. the mayor says it would be bad for business. pg&e is working to ease fears in the aftermath of the san bruno explosion. today utility executives met with city leaders in san carlos one day after releasing their top 100 priority list. one of those risky pipelines runs through that city between britain avenue and el camino real. pg&e took us along while they
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fixed a damaged pipeline in san jose. they discovered a small dent in the line. it was not leaking any gas. we want to show you a sketch that oakland police released too. it is a sketch of a man who sexually assaulted two women near lake lake merritt. the suspect is said to be in his 20s and about six feet tall. both assaults happened sunday night along 18th street near the lake. oakland police are urging women who walk or jog in that area to keep the volume down on their portable music players to help stay alert. when possible, don't go alone. the 16-year-old driver of a bmw involved in a fatal collision with a cat tall truck was released from the hospital, and he was immediately booked and sent to the marin county juvenile hall. the teenager faces gross vehicular manslaughter.
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and why it is mo costly to be an obese woman than an obese man. and then later on "night lynn." -- "nightline." >> too sexy. why the ma i caners of a product promise -- makers of a product promise increased arousal for women. arousal for women. and the teenage
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county are warning of more arrests as their investigation into the scandal-plagued community of bell moves forward. a total of eight city officials past and present were rounded up today. they are charged with fraud, accused of embezzling millions of dollars from taxpayers. some residents burst into cheers when news of the arrest
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swept through the working class suburb. >> very excited. jus city has prevailed. -- justice has prevailed. >> i am excited. >> it makes me so happy. >> she is talking about the former city manager robert rizzo. he is considered the ringleader of the scandal. he was paid nearly $800,000 a year. that is twice as much as the president of the united states. a language barrier in san mateo county turned into a health barrier. a program to help kids and parents was taught in english. but spanish speakers wanted to take it. 20* night they celebrated -- tonight they celebrated the barrier coming down. amy hollyfield has the story. >> san mateo county health officials say even a little movement like this is better than nothing. they are teaching children and their parents how to eat right and exercise through a program called "shape down." >> in this 30 minutes for the
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parents three times a week and definitely 60 minutes for kids seven times per week. >> 13-year-old reyna valdez took the 8-week long course of a her doctor warned her about the threat of diabetes. >> we told her what we ate. she said, you guys should go to this program. >> students use six work books while taking the class. but the problem was the books were in evening -- english. a number of spanish speakers asking for the class was three times higher than spanish speakers. >> families that needed the sf of "shape down" were not able to get it. >> the class is for the child and the parent and for the parents who only speak spanish, the english version was just too difficult. county officials decided to raise $150,000 to get the books translated. >> it took us almost two years to raise the funds, but we did it. >> and tonight they celebrated their first year of spanish shape down. more than 100 families have
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completed. it is benefiting the kids and their parents. >> we had one dad who lost 20 pounds. >> reyna lost four pounds. she doesn't drink soda or eat fast-food anymore. >> and it feels better. you feel more happy about yourself. >> reyna is actually hungry for more information. she would like to see a follow-up class added so she can learn more about living a healthier lifestyle. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> well, it costs more to be an obese woman than it does to be an obese man. researchers from george washington university say women pay almost $5,000 a year more for costs associated with obesity. for men, it is about $2600. it takes into account unpaid sick days and the extra gas needed to transport heavier passengers. the discrepancy between women and men comes from wages. researchers show obese women earn less than thinner women. the same does not appear to be true for obese men.
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summer is literally all but over, but it won't feel like that. >> finally summer-like temperatures as fall arrives. sandhya patel is here. >> how appropriate. we will see mid-nineties heading into the weekend and into monday. really some warm, fall weather is headed our way. between tomorrow and monday, we are talking about a 20-degree increase in our inland communities. want to show you a spectacular view. today we saw midand high-level clouds as an upper level logan to move into the bay area. -- level low began to move into the bay area. and at sun down there was a nice burst of color. the sun is setting earlier and severaler. the -- earlier and earlier. it is breezy in parts of the bay area. got up to 25 miles an hour. over some locations though heading out toward altimont. gusts to about 50 miles an hour. cold in the north bay and autumn arrives tomorrow evening. and we aring looing at a string of warm -- looking at a string of warm days ahead.
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here is the pacific satellite picture today as this trough came through. basically it is just approaching the the sea breeze strengthened and the temperatures dropped. we did see a cooler day across the bay area. the cool air mass is sticking around tomorrow. we are not expecting change in terms of temperatures. once the trough moves on out of here, a ridge of high pressure starts to take control, and the warming trend begins on thursday. and it really continues well into early next week. a nice stretch of warm weather headed our way. 90s inland. get ready for typical fall weather here in the bay area. tonight as the wind starts to drop off in the north bay and some of the midand high clouds move through, we are going to see good radiational cooling taking place with mid40s around santa rosa, napa. looking at low to mid50s elsewhere. patchy cloudiness and we are already seeing it around san francisco. also we will see it around the peninsula, the south bay and into the inland east bay.
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tomorrow is another nice day in the south bay. a narrow range of highs. low 70s around san jose and couper teen know. on -- and cupertino. 70 for men low park and mountain view. the coastal areas, again you will have to deal with the breeze. 60 in pacifica. breezy, but blue skies. 64 degrees. in the north bay, 70 in san rafael and 70 for sonoma and santa rosa. sunshine by the afternoon. san leandro and oakland, 68 degrees. nice day inland, but the temperatures should be in the 80s in places like livermore. cooler than average with 73 there in livermore and in the monterey bay, 64 degrees in monterey. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. the autumn -- autumnal equinox tomorrow night. as the seasons change, here mc could the warmer weather. low to mid-nineties. very warm conditions on sunday and monday. above normal temperatures.
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96 by monday inland and 74 at the beaches. go ahead and make your plans. cooler on tuesday. but really some very pleasant weather headed our way. >> it is a great time of year here. >> it is. sabd yaw, thank you. -- sandhya, thank you. he was the first to go. >> dancing with the stars first casualty.
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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the worst roads in the nation are here in the bay area. a national transportation research group says 64% of the roads in san jose are riddled with and potholes. the national average is 24%. here is the rest of the five worst areas, l.a. comes in second followed by honolulu, concord, new hampshire is fourth and san francisco and oakland are fifth. the study counted them as one metropolitan area by the way. the hoff is off. david hasselhoff was the first contestant to be kicked off. he got the lowest amount of votes. the judge had nothing to good to say about the cha-cha with
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bruno calling it a potpouri of insanity disguised as dance. has hasselhoff said he did the show because his daughters are such big fans. >> it has been such a great ride. i feel sorry for kim. and i am proud my daughters are here and they got to see me go this far. >> sarah palin's daughter, brist oo l, placed in the middle of the pack. jennifer gray is at the top of the leader board with 24 out of 30 points. >> i'm sure she can dance. hasselhoff is good at running in slow motion on the beach, but not dancing. >> that was more of the pamela anderson shot. as i recall in the program that was more of what was going on. >> a gross miscarriage of justice. the hoff was not treated with the proper respect. >> i don't know, larry. >> you are the one that defended the waz a few years
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ago. it is all mistaken identity. where will the giants be without busty posey? they would not be in first place. the man who has that you rust himself into the rookie of the year contrororororororororororoo
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the giants are clinging to first place by the narrowest of margins leading the west by just a half game. they come up with one whole run in chicago and make that stand up. she has her glove. she is ready for baseball. matt cane shut out some solid d in the second evening. jose guillen not afraid of poison ivy. he is in there to make the catch. they got nothing.
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loaded them again swrens zambrano. buster poe see would fly out -- posey would fly out. six score less. it was one of his two strikeouts and allowed just two hits. posey and here it comes and there it goes. over the 400-foot sign and dead center field. the only run the giants needed. good thing because the only one they got as well. bring on brian wilson in the 9th. a ground out to end it. 1-0 giants. 44th save in 48 tries. the padres won also, beat the dodgers. so the giants kim the slim half leave with 11 to play. cahill's dominating season continues against the white sox. he strikes out 7. manny ramirez is just browsing. and no chance to hit it and cahill wins his 17th. cliff pennington with the drive and he bangs into the sign.
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trying to score from first and pennington ends up with a triple and the a's go on with a victory. the 49ers did some good things against the saints last night, but they did enough bad things to lose the game and wind up o and two. the next two games are on the road. a ghastly start against the world champions. the niners turned the ball over three times deep in new orleans territory. squandered opportunities. but alex smith lead them down the field. a magnificent drill to tie the game. the saints would answer with a late field goal to end it 25-22. with games coming up at kansas city which is very loud. the niners need to start winning and soon. >> they are learning very available things early on. i believe they will capitalize and it will coof going forward. -- it will serve going
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forward. >> they work hard up and down the field. they can't stand up with us. we beat ourselves. we got to change that. >> the 40 nipers will host the eagles week five. looks like their starting quarterback may be michael vic. cobb was out with a concussion. vick went for two td's and he was named the starter for sunday's game over jacksonville. a strong opinion on hoff, but what did you think of rick fox? >> he moved very well. >> she noticed that very closely. >> and cheryl burke looked fantastic. >> that's our report. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. have a good night, everyone. have a good night, everyone. >> see you tomorrow.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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